Our Legendary Anemones

Original Rose Anemone Colony 2006

In the beginning...

We acquired our original Rose Anemone colony in 2006, and it has grown and multiplied over the course of many years.

Anemones spontaneously multiply by a process referred to as 'splitting.'  

This natural process involves them literally tearing themselves in half which is normal and encouraged.

In the wild, this process often occurs after storms and can happen more frequently in your tank during times of stress or water parameter changes.

Fish-Eye Lens View

Mastering Anemone Husbandry

Once the optimal environment has been created, and with careful attention to detail, these amazing animals can actually generate income! 

Many of our customers have cultivated highly successful colonies that reproduce so readily, that our customers are able to sell them so others may enjoy their beauty and serene nature.   

Care and Feeding

Sea Anemones require specific parameters to be met for healthy growth and success at home:

  • Light intensity 150-400PAR.

  • Specific gravity 1.023-1.0126

  • Water flow - moderately powerful -
    1200GPH-2400GPH per 100gal of water volume.

  • Temperature between 77F-81F

Anemones eat soft chunky foods such as scallops, shrimp and soft raw fish. Reef Plus recommends and carries a variety of Rod's Food and LRS Foods for all your feeding needs.  

Sea Anemone Care Package




Water Flow


Specialty Colors

Although our selections varies, we generally carry color morphs including rose, quadricolor, sunburst, and black widow. Below are some examples.


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