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Products & Equipment

Reef Plus carries everything for your saltwater needs.
We carry a full line of products for every aspect of the hobby including:

  • Biological Filtration

  • Mechanical Filtration

  • Chemical Filtration

  • Substrates

  • Water Testing

  • Pumps

  • Lighting

Level Up with Reef Plus! 

  • We offer aggressive M.A.P. pricing (minimum advertised price) and are competitive with the internet so you can feel good about supporting your local retailer!

  • We work directly with the best manufacturers in the business and maintain a close relationship with them
    so you will receive unbeatable service!

  • We only carry and recommend equipment that has been been time tested by us. We do not push
    flavor-of-the-month products so you can be confident that your choice of equipment,chemicals, and additives are a solid investment. 

Reef Plus carries state-of-the-art, high end products, that can help you get the most out of your marine environment.




  • Heating

  • Nutrition

  • Medication

  • Additives

  • Salt Mixes

  • RO Water

  • and more!


Matt Schmidt Livestock Expert and Service Specialist

A visit from Neptune - Vince and Paul confer with Steve


All the great classic sizes are available!  We make sure shipping rates are fair and things are securely crated!  Please call us for current pricing.


We can custom make any size tank you would like and put the overflow box in the place of your preference. Custom tanks range in size from 24"-  96" and beyond. 


Zak inspects a high end filtration system

We Match




German precision hydrometer

delivers accurate results.


Reef Plus

Saltwater Sales and Service
Since 2004

At the Corner of Oak & Randall

935 Oak St. North Aurora, IL 60542
(630)-906-7333 (REEF)

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